Why is the price of 1 MTXLT so high?

It isn't. In fact, it's cheaper than most established coins.1 MTXLT equals 1 million TXLT, so the price for a single TXLT is relatively low.

The price of a token (or coin) is influenced by the circulating supply. As an example - as at August 2, 2019 - Monero had a circulating supply of 17,130,000 and one token was valued 84 USD. If you bought Monero Tokens for 1,000,000 USD, you would get roughly 11,900 tokens. AS a percentage you would own approximately 0.07% of all Monero tokens. 

For the same cost of 1,000,000 USD you would get 20,000 MTXLT (at the current price of 50 USD per token (without bonus)), but you would own 16.5% of the circulating supply of Tixl tokens. This makes Tixl cheaper than Monero by a factor of 237!

The following table shows the relative prices of different coins (in USD) - The last column shows by which factor Tixl is cheaper than that coin:

Token Supply Price Tokens/1M Share/1M Factor
Tixl 121,500* 50 20,000 16,5% 1
Nano 133,000,000 1.18 847,000 0,6% 26.7
Monero 17,130,000 84 11,900 0,07% 237
Stellar 19,600,000,000 0,083 11,992,133 0,06% 267
Ethereum 107,151,516 221 4525 0,0042% 3,896

* current supply

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